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How you dispose of the salon waste?

by recycling the materials you use and useless the chemical using for our country and for all people in the philippines

What do you think is the hardest sense to perceive?

It depends on your qualifications. If you went to Gillingham University of dead people you can say it is easy to see ghosts.

Did pirates go school?

no pirates do not go to school they live on boats

Why is the germanitaion of a seed a chemical change?

Chemical changes involve changes in chemical composition. Largermolecules can be formed from simpler ones, for example, or bebroken down to form simpler ones. During germination of a seed,physical changes like the increase in size due to the absorption ofwater are accompanied by chemical activities such as respirationand the formation of new plant materials during growth.

Which organization is responsible for ensuring that advertisements and commercials are truthful and do not mislead?

In the US, the Federal Trade Commission is in charge of truthfuladvertising.

Is there a person named branaye chandler?


Is Phoenix 33 degrees north latitude and 112degrees west longitude?

Not quite, but pretty close. That point is along the north side ofW Peters and Nall Rd, along the northern boundary of the Ak-Chin Reservation and about0.2 mile west of N White and Parker Rd. That places it about 6 miles south of theboundary of the Gila River Reservation, and 20 miles south of E Pecos Rd which isactually the southern city limit of Phoenix. It's also 26 miles south of Baseline Rd, and 30.1 miles south ofSky Harbor airport.

How do you find the mass of an object when given the volume?

volume = volume x density

What is the meaning of swam or fasting?

Fasting is where you eat 1 and a half hours before predawn you can not drink or eat during the day you then eat and dring after sunset

What are the different remote administration tools in Linux and UNIX?

The question is too vague to answer clearly. There are too manyversions of Linux and Unix and third party vendors.