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Are you allowed to drink alcohol at BYU?

No. All Brigham Young University students are required to sign and adhere to an Honor Code, which says that you will not drink alcohol while you are enrolled as a student at the University. If you do not follow the Honor Code you could be suspended or kicked out of the University altogether. The BYU Honor Code also prohibits smoking, drugs, sex outside of marriage, cheating, dishonesty, and other moral issues.

Do any American universities offer degrees in gay studies or gay history?

Yes. The top universities for degrees in Queer Studies are the City College of San Francisco, the City University of New York, University of California, Berkeley, the University of Chicago, and New York University. Other colleges that provide degrees in the subject include Yale, University of California, Los Angeles, Sarah Lawrence College, University of Maryland, DePaul University, Syracuse University (minor only), St. Andrews University, California State University Northridge, Portland State University.

Which slogan is fit for a business school?

The slogan \"Change Lives\" is fit for a business school.

Can you get admission in stouffville college toronto for acca with 5 band in IELTS?

yes yes yes

What percentage of college freshman take calculus?

The majors that require calculus are all mathematics, science, and engineering majors. These include (but are not limited to) mathematics, mathematics education, science education, biology, chemistry, physics, civil engineering, chemical engineering, biological engineering, electrical engineering, biochemistry, pharmeceuticals, and computer science. So about 99% of students in those majors and related majors will take calculus their freshman year (typically the second semester). I say 99% because calculus is a prerequisite for all other courses in those majors (so it must be taken very early), but there is a very small possibility (I'd say 1% chance) that students can take calculus their sophomore year instead.

Is Attention Deficit Disorder a worthy excuse for having a low GPA upon transferring as a college senior and can you appeal to the Admission Board to let you in after having been denied admission?

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What year did Washington State University adopt the Cougar as their mascot?

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Would you want to attend a university that did not have high standards?

No, because their is dishonesty which students and faculty doesn't take in to consideration of others hard work that has been submiited, nor is it respected. The education is false.

What long island college have great japanese departments?

Stony Brook University

Why is brigham young university cheap?

BYU is actually quite expensive compared to other universities in the area. They do offer many scholarships and your education is subsidized by donations, making it less expensive than other large religious schools nationwide.