Tongue Twisters

How a country can develop?

By providing jobs for everyone that not only requires a universitydegree, but matches their abilities to do things, in addition tonot requiring x years of experience considering that not everyonehas the interest to go to work everyday.

What is a tongue twister about gold?

gold is old but gold holds onto the earth

Are there any advice on relationships?

there should be healthy relationship. trust your partner.

What are some easy tongue twisters?

The sixth sick sheik's sixth sheep's sick.

What are some tongue twisters for the State of Utah?

Utah's canyon can do the can can of canyon's can can!

What tongue twisters start with the letter x?

X-mas wrecks perplex and vex. X-ray checks clear chests. Ex-disk jockey. The ex-egg examiner.

What is a tongue twister for concocted?

Cory concocted a configuration of cows on a couch for coffee.

Will Lou have a girlfriend?

Obviously i will. Because I am straight.

What is wrong with Lucas plow?

Well he is a new kind of species ya hear? He is the kind who can bespecial. He walks into the wild and searches for prey. As a matterof fact, the Lucas Plough is a scavenger, and will find anythingdead to eat. Sometimes to get food, he will go trick-or-treating,an easy way to get food that will give him energy. This is the onlyspecies of primate that will be found without hair on its arms.

What is the best ballet dance?

Swan Lake