Do US swat teams use AK-47s?

The AK-47 is a Russian made weapon, and it uses a larger round than the M4(the type of assault rifle most US S.W.A.T. uses). The M4 uses a .223 round which is a blend of stopping power, and accurucy, whereas the AK-47 round is designed for mainly stopping power, ensuring a dead, or badly injured target. I hope that could answer your question. well the ak is used by Russians and by Iraq but swat do not use them im pretty sure m4s or m16 OR mp5 a SAS made gun and also these three weapons are used in the marines and sas

Number one sport in America?

American Football, although Baseball is a WorldWide popular sport.

How many NCAA football championships has Ohio State University won?

The ncaa recognizes 7 Ohio state titles and the university recognizes 7 as well. so its pretty much 7 Ohio State has won 7 concensus national titles and has been awarded the national title by some poll at least 13 other occasions. No one can really be completely sure who wins the title its really not a reliable system.

What sport originated in Spain?

Dances originating in Spain Dancing is a form of sport so therefore the Paso Doble is a sport that originated in Spain. it is based on the man being the matador (bull fighter) and the woman being the cape or the bull, sometimes she can be a matador as well. Another dance originating from Spain though not ballroom is the Flamenco. The original Tango music also originated in Spain Answer: It seems that bullfighting, certainly as we know it, may well have been originated in Spain.

What is a sport played worldwide beginning with the letter T and having only 4 letters?

There is no such sport beginning with T and having four letters played worldwide. The only thing I can think of is TEAM sports, which are played worldwide. There is also toli or kapucha toli (a form of stickball); however, I don't believe it is played worldwide.True Answer Golf... Think about it .............I think this is right . Put the tee in the ground, set the ball etc. This was a trick Question. What about table tennis or just tennis track running there is tones

How do the colleges rank in terms of total merchandise sales?

College Merchandise SalesIn 2006, the University of Texas, University of Michigan and University of Notre Dame, respectively, ranked one through three in merchandise sales. The top 75 highest-selling universities for 2006 can be found by clicking the link to the right. -THIS ANSWER IS BASED OFF OF ONE OF THE MAJOR DISTRIBUTORS OF COLLEGE MARKETING. IT IS NOT AN ACCURATE RESOURCE BUT CAN BE USED AS A GUIDE

What is the most played sport worldwide?

soccer, or football

What is the most physically demanding sport?

Physically Demanding Sport Endurance events are probably the most demanding sport. For example, the Full Triathlon, you swim 2.4 miles. then get on a bike and ride for 112 miles, then when you finish that you run a complete 26.2 mile marathon...all back to back, non-stop. There is no way that you can explain this to someone unless they have done it them selves. Contrary to popular belief, (according to ESPN) Snow-cross (Snowboard racing down a man made track) is the most physically demanding sport. Most people reading this are in denial right now thinking "you just stand and go" I dare you to try. A hard session on a snow-cross track drains every muscle in your body exhausting you yet still requiring you to have great amounts focus to ensure you are on the best line and jumping the best sets. There is some controversy with that. Also contrary to popular belief, I would actually have to say cycling is the most enduring. The Tour de France is over 3500k in 19 days at about 35 Km/H. Also, no athlete trains as much as a cyclist.

What is the salary of a soccer player?

Wayne Rooney gets £250,000 a month

What would the effect be if the twenty highest paid athletes in the world gave one tenth of their salaries to charity?

Athletes and Charitable Contributions Who says they don't? Rarely do people tythe their 10 percent. If you wanted to give your 10% to the poor, don't use charities, their overhead makes your 10% turn into 1-3% on average, but it would surely help.