What is the post code for merry hill shopping centre?

Maplins at Merry Hill, UK shows DY5 1SY

What was the price of a loaf of bread in 1930?

It was about 9 cents

Where to buy chewing tobacco in china?

Taobao for sure. I have been buying from this shopnordic-wolf.taobaoDOTcom for about 3 years. Always has fresh chew.The shop owners husband is a foreigner and her English isexcellent. If she has chew approaching the sell by date she willput it on sale. Fantastic Customers service ***** Five Stars forher

How do you buy a Ferrari?

You buy a ferrari by going to a dealership or private seller, giving them a lot of money and taking it home. I just bought a ferrari f40 last year and it cost me a lot but it was worth it. Now it sits in my garage with my enzo f50 and mclaren f1. Takashi

Why are milk prices so high at the grocery stores?

Most unhealthy foods and drink are less expensive. Healthy things are!

Where in Bangkok should you buy a laptop?

You can find the cheapest laptops at Pantip Mall. There is also a small shop at the top floor of MBK, but in my opinion PANTIP is much better because there is about 6 floors offering all kinds of electronics.

What is the gem lavender Is it a quartz or gem or glass or even crystal?

It is a semi-preaous gem stone

How do you buy the Atayal language grammar dictionary and Bible published in 2002?

Translated for our Taiwanese / Atayal (泰雅) friends out there: 有人知道怎么买泰雅的圣经,词典,或语法? As far as an answer goes... If you can read Chinese, here is the best grammar: 泰雅語參考語法 (A Reference Grammar of Atayal) by Huang Mei-Jin (黃美金) It can be purchased at I don't know if they accept credit cards from outside ROC/PROC or not... Maybe you could use to translate the page. Other grammars exist, but most are available only through inter-library loan: Rau, Der-Hwa Victoria. A grammar of Atayal. Diss. Cornell University, 1992. Dissertations Theses: Full Text. ProQuest. Dictionaries: The only dictionary I have been able to find: ABVD: CI' uli Atayal I am working on getting a copy of the Bible from The Presbyterian Church in Taiwan ( I'll let you know how it goes.

What product was advertised by the slogan you never know when the nibbles will strike?

was it ritz crackers??It was KP Peanuts

Where can you buy a Hannah Montana book bag?

Walmart, Target, you name it you can get it there. But you might want to wait until thy stock up after Christmas.So now you can try the online site,I heard there are all kinds of top quality bags,but I don't know if there is what you want.