Purdue University

Is Indiana university better than Purdue university?

What is the maskot of purdue university?

The mascotof Purdue University is the boilermaker train.

What is the ACT score needed to get into Purdue university?

The average ACT score at Purdue University in West Lafayette is a 26-30.

Does purdue university offer education degrees?

Yes. Purdue University has offered education degrees since 1908.

Better school iu or purdue?

Both schools are very good for different reasons. Indiana University Bloomington (IUB) is well known for business, while Purdue is well known for engineering. Both have about the same admissions requirements and both are in the big ten. So, really, it just depends on what you wish to major in. However, I do know IUB has a beautiful campus and a great basketball team. So it is more of a preference rather than facts.

Does Purdue University have the best veterinary college?

The only veterinary school rankings I'm aware of are those of US News World Reports, which lists Cornell as #1 with a score of 4.5. Purdue is #14 on their list, with a score of 3.1.

Is MIT better than Purdue university?

Overall yes. But for engineering, Purdue belongs right up there with MIT, Berkeley, and UIUC. I know of a couple of people who went to Purdue ECE declining offers from Stanford and Caltech EE. But then, it also depends on the exact area within engineering.

What are facts about Purdue University?

Here's a few to get started: 22 of their alumni have been astronauts, including the first and last people on the moon (Neil Armstrong and Eugene Cernan). There is a nuclear reactor and a particle accelerator underground. High school English teachers around the country use handouts printed from its Online Writing Lab. They invented the sport of cricket spitting. Their marching band plays the World's Largest Drum. The Purdue Research Foundation funded Amelia Earhart's last flight. They have the oldest computer science department in the United States.

What city is purdue located?

Purdue University is located in West Lafayette, Indiana.

How much does it cost to go to Purdue University per year?