Purdue University

What is the macsot of Purdue University?

Is purdue a public or a private school?

Purdue is a public university.

How many people attend purdue?

Purdue University's 2013-2014 attendance is 32,173.

What year was purdue university started?

Purdue was founded in the year 1869.

What date was purdue found?

Purdue was founded on May 6th, 1869.

Who are the Heisman Trophy winners that came from Purdue University?

Nobody from Purdue has ever one a Heisman Trophy, but they have hadmany nominees.

What sports does the Purdue University play?


Is purdue a country?

No, Purdue is a university in Northern Indiana.

What act score do you need to get into purdue?

The average ACT score for Purdue University is a 25-30.

What high school classes are required to get into purdue university?

8 semesters of math. If you are going into engineering you must take Chemistry. 6 semesters of lab science 8 semesters of English- AP/IB English recommended 4 semesters of a foreign language 6 semesters of social studies Feel free to take a look at the related link below for more info.