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Is possible Penis big before puberty I have read on the that some what time very gifted also 12 in from children before the puberty they already had penises 7 or 8 in?

Umm...I have never heard that one before!It is almost impossible, very unlikely and I have never, ever heard a case like that before!jonah falcon ,world record penis size(13,5 in), when it was 10 years old and it was not in the puberty yet it had a penis of read biography on wikipedia or on the site

What does Ruy mean?

I believe it is ryu and it means a Japanese school orstyle of art.

Is Chris Nolan a cute kid?

I'm sure his mother thinks so!

What is the best weapon to use in case of a zombie attack?

That depends. For melee range, a bat or crowbar would be best. Forfar off silent kills, a crossbow is recommended but the onlyproblem with that is that you need to be very skilled to use acrossbow, if you are not someone who knows how to use a crossbowuse something else, for guns, use a carbine and a pistol forbackup. Never use rapid firing weapons, you run out of bullets tooquickly. Chainsaws are too loud and kill you if your hand slips,you die. A golf club and your best friend's fresh corpse for distractions. I agree, but in my opinion an AK-47 on semiautomatic mode is bestsince it has great stopping power and is long ranged. The bestmelee weapon would have to be an axe, if u don't have an axe usesomething that you can swing around easily. Don't use weapons likea knife or hammer since it is short ranged unless that's the onlyweapon you have. Although, always keep a 12 gauge shotgun handy forthose face to face encounters. Very true about the shotgun, but I would have to say the bestlong-ranged weapon would be something explosive. It's always bestto take them out large numbers at a time. I would recommend agrenade launcher with a speed loader. As for the best melee weapon,i would keep a katana hidden in my house, HQ, or wherever it isyou're hiding. Personally, I would use one of those. But alwayskeep them close. Never get caught without a weapon. I beg a differ .A grenade launcher would work because grenadelauncher + zombies finding you = mines. And I agree with theshotgun but also use a flamethrower or gas tanks, Molotov,pipebombs,grenades,and claymore mines would work for groups to but whatI think would be best is 2 44 revolvers ammo and all the knives youcan fit on your legs.Also only retards would use a safe housebecause I would stand out there and fight them off one by one.Andone more thing don't use 9mm use deagles and if you don't know whatthat that is it's a desert eagle.and here's the thing if I had tohide somewhere it would be bass pro shops because they have a wideselection of guns and crossbows and for target practice you can useair-soft guns and for transportation that zombies can hear butcan't get to would be a boat because zombies can't swim but if theycan THEN PICK A FASTER MOTOR and carry at least 5 guns and 20pounds of explosives and alot of ammo, and arrows. And gas,rags,andglass bottles. the best melee weapon to use is a xialion spade, it has a range ofabout 6 feet, it has the capability of breaking the skull anddecapitation, and is light weight. So who gives a crap about that, arrows go farther ,you can put arag on them and turn them into fire arrows or put explosives onthem.what can you do with that xialon spade plus it only goes 6feet arrows can go up to 60 yards.WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and by the wayxialion spades are staffs and only if your fast enough maybe justmaybe you might be able to take out a horde. Actually flame weapons have little effect on zombies. The beauty ofusing a flame weapon on a person is that it causes extreme pain anda slow death. However, zombies are not effect by pain, so sincethey are not effected by pain, then the only thing left is the slowdeath. This does not work because if you light them on fire, theywill not stop attacking you until the fire has either fulldecomposed their tissues and limbs or they are immobilized. So youshould avoid lighting them on fire unless you want a 150lb,FLAMING, bloody bag of meat trying to eat your brains. Here's what i think best weapon is a weapon with just enough powerto enter the undead skull an puncture the brain. it must have lightammo so you can carry alot and the gun itself must be light so youcan perform quickly and also have a sharp 5 inch knife for closequarter combat ex. one grabs you and is about to bite you, you pullout the knife quickly and stab it in the head SNIPER:MCMILLAN TAC-50:26.0 lb,2,000 m (2,190 yd) in range,50CAL.bullet highly powerful,SIGHTS: Customizable; 16x TELESCOPIC SIGHT PISTOL:regular 9mm pistol light,average power,light ammo,asaccurate as you are,also has no recoil ASSAULT RIFLE:M4A1:powerful,accurate,low recoil,average weightammo,6 pounds fully loaded,best operatable in SEMI-AUTOMATIC form PROJECTILE:M67 FRAGMENTATION GRENADE about 14 ounces,4 secondprime,kill radius 5 meters,injury radius 15 meters,safety clip. SHOTGUN:REMINGTON 1100 12 GAUGE:highly powerful,moderately heavy8lbs. In All Seriousness: Most people left alive after such a major disaster will be agreater danger to themselves than the roaming undead horde. Thosewho pick up a gun will be more inclined to shoot themselves or anally the the shambling, rotting corpse who only wants to nibblebrains. Okay, really being serious now, the secret is in your own hands:close the book or turn off the movie/TV show. Zombies are fiction.

Why did the house cross the road?

to go to pollo loco and kfc to see his mom and friends

Are all mushrooms poisonous?

No. Some can make you mini, grow a bit bigger in size, turn you into a giant, give you an extra life, or make you speed past everyone else.

What does along for the ride mean?

Being taken where someone else wants you to be, I.E- in a relationship or more obviously a car...

Do you know the meaning of spagackt?

SPAGACKT----Is the state of mind one is in after not sleeping for several days/ up to the maximum 28 days while under the influence of injecting METH./ICE.Wich in most cases in very fun and exciting due to exercising super natural abilities.To those who are witness to such a event it is very amusing and funny ,very entertaining.Spun + Gacked + Smacked Back = Spagackt

What pranks can you play on your older brother?

Most older brothers will kick your butt for pranking them, so Irecommend none.

How do you get rid of questions?

You click on the 'Trash' button.