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West point goat general officer?

There have been several. George Edward Pickett was the goat of the class of 1846. As a Confederate general, he was responsible for Pickett's Charge, an infantry assault that killed 498 Confederates, injured 643, got 833 wounded then captured and saw 681 unwounded men be captured. That's just the men in Pickett's division. Total Confederate losses were around 4500. It was the attack that ended the Confederacy. George Custer was the goat of the class of 1861. As commander of the 7th Cavalry, he was responsible for the Battle of Little Big Horn, also known as Custer's Last Stand. Henry Heth was goat of the class of 1847. His unit accidentally started the Battle of Gettysburg. James McIntosh was goat of the class of 1849. He was a good cavalryman who died in action at the Battle of Pea Ridge. Laurence Baker was goat of the class of 1851. He seems to have been a good officer. Let's just say there's a reason why they were named the goat...

Do you have to go to rivet city in order to be able to go to the citadel in fallout 3?

you have to complete the quest (The Waters of Life) to get access to the Citadel.

Why is west point military academy called west point?

It is in the location of a revolutionary war post, Fort West Point, which had a vantage point on the west side of the Hudson River.

Can you have tattoos at the Air Force Academy or any other military academy?

Yes, for accurate information, ask any recruiter from thatBranch. They are subject matter experts. For the Air Force, the tattoo must be kept within the standardof the Air Force Instruction Policy (AFI/Regulation). For the Army (Military Academy/West Point), it must be within thestandards of the Army Regulation.

In what year did MacArthur graduate from west point?


Where Ulysses S. Grant go for military school?

Ulysses S. Grant attended the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York.

Did Joseph Hooker graduate from West Point?

Yes - but that was about the only conventional aspect of his military career. After a good Mexican War, he testified against the Commander-in-Chief (Scott) at a court martial, and probably for this reason, was not even allowed to re-join the Army at the outbreak of the Civil War. After a personal appeal to Lincoln, he eventually got a commission, but managed to quarrel both with the President and every General her served under. (He was, however, popular with the rank-and-file, whose conditions he greatly improved.) When it came to replacing the virtuous but ineffectual Burnside as commander of the Army of the Potomac, Lincoln selected Hooker for his fighting qualities, and the choice appeared to be a wise one. Then at Chancellorsville, he was wrong-footed by the Lee/Jackson team and his tactics became muddled. Too badly wounded to direct the battle, he refused to hand over to his second-in-command, and it ended in humiliating defeat. He was replaced just before Gettysburg.

Who are the Philippine military academy class 1977?

abat, reblora, cruz, edris, villa, javier, serapio, belarmino, buenaflor, goseco, r. cruz, bernal, san miguel, catacutan, catalunia, morales, manga,

Is it better to go to college and do ROTC or go to a military academy?

Both paths lead to the same end result, and the 'butter bar' you'd receive from going to one looks exactly the same as the one you'd receive by going to the other. Once you're commissioned, what school you went to doesn't matter. You're still a "cherry Lieutenant", either way, and how you advance up the chain of command will be dependent on your performance as a service member and a leader, and not on the basis of which university you attended. Military academies would seem to be better for being more military focuses, but plenty of officers receive their commission by taking ROTC is a civilian university, so take that for what it's worth.

When was Edgar Allan Poe court-martialed from west point?

he was court-martialed January 28 1831