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How do you ollie on a Tech Deck?

place your ring finger on the back side of the board, middle finger in the middle of the board and index finger on the front side of the board , push down and lift your hand in a direction :) if you don't have any ramps or stuff, i recommend either using a sink or tub, for ramps and other techdecks for jumping over.

What is solid brass candle holders worth?

Many of the candle holders are valued in price close to $30 each.The amount will vary depending upon the exact item, its age andcondition.

Most expensive hockey card?

Wayne gretzky, Mario lemieux, gordie howe and mark messier quad patch auto card 1/1

What is the value of a FL Jacobs 5 cent Coke machine?

If it has been restored and in mint condition, it will be worthclose to $5,000. If not, it could be worth as less as $200.

What is the name of a watercolor print that has a buffalo head on the left edge with what appear to be ghosts rising from the mist with a saying containing the words and when we arose?

Im really not to sure about this one but maby som one will correct me if i am wrong Isnt the white buffalo a legend from the ojibwe Ishenabe people. About a white buffalo that was sighted a long time ago warning people that we were killing all the buffalo sayin she would come in the form of an aboriginal woman wearing white leather skin of the buffalo at the time of prophesy being fufilled maby this has some connection. Also i was told this story when i was very young and cant remember if the details are specifc or acurate with other legends.

What is the worth of a crucible stamped Battersea Round Morgan England?

I wonderer where you procured these items as i have 4 gold Crucibles from my childhood. I received them when i lived in mount morgans, Kalgoorlie.I believe it is next to a super pit but i used to live in caravan next to municipal chambers when i was under 5. Any information would be greatly appreciated.As for the price there priceless to me and its not just because of my childhood its the history they have and the people that worked with them. thnx S.M i ALSO HAVE A BATTLESEA,MORGAN ENGLAND ROUND. IF YOU HAVE ANY INFORMATION ON THIS I WOULD LIKE IT ALSO. THANKS

How many kilograms is 50lbs?

It is equal to22.7 kilograms approximately. Kilogram is the metric unit and pound is the imperial unit for mass. 1 Kilogram is 2.204 pounds. So we multiply pound by 0.4535 to get the equivalent kilograms.

Where can you find info on a dixie-narco coke vending mach?

What kind of information are you looking for? Repair instructions, set-up instructions, operating procedures? Dixie-Narco.com would be a good place to start. If you can't find what you're looking for there, email dahunt@huntvending.com with specific questions.

When did seth thomas stop making adamantine mantle clocks?

The Seth Thomas Adamantine finish was developed in about 1885. It was very popular so the method was used for over 30 years until 1917.The word adamantine means impenetrable and of course, in 1917, that is what was believed. Now we know that all finishes are penetrable, given the right agent.Seth Thomas has been making clocks in America since 1813.For more information see the Seth Thomas article at www.Placeofclocks.com, a registered Seth Thomas Dealer.

How do you know if kerosene lamps circa 1800s are of value?

around or about a certain time period