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What was the worst human caused disaster?

the meltdown of the chrenobyle(i know that isn't spelled right) nuclear power plant. the area is still uninhabitable and highly radioactive This answer is just silly: 1) Genocide in China (1948-1976) 2) Genocide in the Soviet Union 3) Genocide in Cambodia 4) Holocaust Just these four make Chernobyl look like a sunny day in the park.

Where did last names originate?

In earlier times your last name was usually just your trade, for example "Harry the blacksmith" would just become "Harry Smith", last names were originally just a way of distinguishing certain people. Other last names like "Williamson" come from son of William, Jake o' rilley means Jake son of rilley

How does fashion affect the economy?

Changes in fashion help to keep the manufacturers, distributors and retailers of clothing and footwear in business. It also provides work for advertisers, models and various others. The media benefit from the advertising revenue. In principle, one could wear one's clothes till they wear out. In fact, many people in the world are poor and have no alternative to this.

Why do people hate Americans?

Each individual that hates Americans in particular hates Americans for their own reasons which is not always clear. However, some reasons include ignorance and stereotyping of those hate while others include experiences and generalizations they base their hatred on. If hate is the opposite of love, then consider why people love Americans - because of their culture, innovations, their character, their can do approach- and reflect on how people in other cultures with different values might see Americans in a more negative light. America is a dominant world power in the eyes of many and has not always used this power in productive or creative or fair ways.

Why do some people hate Americans?

People who hate Americans (US ) are ignorant people. Hate is an emotion that makes no sense. Also, Americans are very ethnic and racially broad in scope. It's possible to disagree with a nation's foreign policies or even domestic policies. There is no logic to hateful people. And it almost goes without saying that their is no "model" American. An American can be a Mexican immigrant who just received citizenship to an entertainer. Almost any way to view any peoples anywhere can be Americans. Even Americans who hate Americans.

What is European colonialism?

A system by which countries set up colonies to secure sources of raw materials and market for their products . but many Muslims were killed

When was the Great Depression?

The Great Depression It began in the wake of the stock market crash of October 1929 and lasted until at least 1933. The end varied somewhat from country to country, and there is some disagreement as to when it ended in the US. Programs to address the Depression began in earnest in 1933 after the election of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. But the after-effects continued until World War II in 1941. The Great Depression was a massive global economic recession (or "depression") that ran from 1929 to 1941. It led to massive bank failures, high unemployment, as well as dramatic drops in GDP, industrial production, stock market share prices and virtually every other measure of economic growth. It bottomed out in 1932-33, but it was well after World War II before such indicators as industrial production, share prices and global GDP could surpass their 1929 levels. The Great Depression occurred during the decade of the 1930s.

When did Europeans come to Canada?

Europeans first started exploring Canada circa 1000 CE. The first permanent European settlements were in 1603. EUROPEAN SETTLEMENTS ARE IN 1603.

What were the pros and cons of Quebec joining Confederation?

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What were the other options available to end World War 2 besides the atomic bomb?

Invasion. Would have been costly in both human life and in resources.Pack up and go home... only to allow Japanese leaders to make another attempt to take the islands of the Pacific LATER, after they had rebuilt their military.Continue to carpet bomb the entire nation and allow the Emperor to let his people sacrifice their lives for HIM. The U.S. was running out of bombs and that option was far too expensive.Also, to negotiate peacefully with Japan. this would save lives, but japan would not co-operateNone of the options were acceptable.all answers above found in "quest for identity: America since 1945" by randall bennett woods