Food & Cooking

What is the average price of bread in the US?

Between $2.37 and $2.43 in the United States, as of2014. The average price ranges from $2 to $4.41 indifferent locations in the United States.

What is makapuno?

Macapuno is considered as the mutant of a coconut. It is the soft,white jelly like substance found in coconut fruits.

What are the most popular foods in Canada?

Pan cakes

What are the go foods?

Grains are Go foods, they help you run, jump and play all day. Fruits and vegetables are Glow foods, they help you have shiny hair and sparkly eyes. Milk and meat beans are Grow foods, they help you to grow big and strong. Breakfast cereal, bread, potatoes, pasta and rice give us energy to get up and go - 'Go' foods All of these foods contain the nutrient carbohydrate which provides our bodies with energy needed to run, swim, jump and cycle, as well as B vitamins, which help convert food into the energy needed by our muscles. Have you ever wondered what athletes eat to keep their bodies in tipÔÇÉtop shape? They need energy foods to help them 'get up and go', and foods to help them grow strong bones and muscles. In short, they need a balanced diet - one that provides the right balance of nutrients to help the body to grow and be active. Our bodies need lots of these nutrients, but you can't get them by just eating one type of food, and so you have to eat a variety of foods. To show you what we mean, we've put some of your favourite foods into 'Go', 'Grow' and Glow' groups. Find out what different foods do for you. ................................. Milk, cheese, yoghurt, chicken, fish, eggs and baked beans help us grow strong bones and muscles - 'Grow' foods All of these GROW foods contain protein, a nutrient which is important when you are growing or when you need to repair a wound or injury. Foods that help build strong bones also contain calcium, whereas other 'Grow' foods provide us with iron which is important to keep our blood healthy.

What is the smell of the food called?

Aroma The smell of the food is called "Aroma". We say, "This food has a good aroma", or we say, "That this food is aromatic!"

Can you substitute maple syrup for maple extract?

No, you cannot substitute maple syrup for maple extract. That is because an extract, a concentrated flavoring, is used to add flavor without adding other ingredients, or changing the consistency of the recipe. Only pure or natural maple extract has a percentage of maple product.

What foods contain sodium?

A few food that contain sodium are lunch meat (processed), canned soup and bread.

What jobs are there in Houston Texas for a 15-year-old?

What Jobs Can Youth Do? When You Are 13 Or Younger . . . You can deliver newspapers. You can work as a baby-sitter. You can work as an actor or performer in motion pictures,television, theater or radio. You can work in a business solely owned or operated by yourparents. You can work on a farm owned or operated by your parents. However, parents are prohibited from employing their children inmanufacturing, mining, or any other occupation declared hazardousby the Secretary of Labor. When You Turn 14 . . . You also can work in an: office, grocery store, retail store, restaurant, movie theater, baseball park, amusement park, or gasoline service station. You generally may not work in: communications or public utilities jobs, construction or repair jobs, driving a motor vehicle or helping a driver, manufacturing and mining occupations, power-driven machinery or hoisting apparatus other than typicaloffice machines, processing occupations, public messenger jobs, transporting of persons or property, workrooms where products are manufactured, mined or processed,or warehousing and storage. In addition, you may not work any other job or occupationdeclared hazardous by the Secretary of Labor. Different rules apply to farms, and individual States may havestricter rules. When you are 14/15 year old, No matter where you are, your worktime and type will be limited. However, there are lots of jobs you can do . For example,Paperboy,Walk dogs,Lifeguard,Sell Ice Cream ,Tutoring ,Babysitter ,Pet sitter and so on.Look around your local corner shops, farmshops, charity shops tosee if they have any availibilities. I work at a local bowling alley, they have a room for parents todrop off their children while they bowl on leagues. The bowlingalley pays me because this way they get more people to sign up forleagues. Sometimes parents will also tip.

How much folic acid should you have per day?

Folic acid, a.k.a. folate, has a recommended daily allowance of 400 mcg a day.

Does smell affect taste?

yes you smell what you taste.