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Is Art Modell still hated in Cleveland?

Oh yeah, Art Modell is hated with a passion. He is still the most-hated man in Cleveland.

What do you do when there is nothing to do?

When you have nothing to do then you should call your friends or go over to someone's house but when I'm bored i just eat a snack and call friends! _______________ Call/visit grandparents or other older loved ones. Read Take the dog for a long walk- you been neglecting him! Read Practice your musical instrument Do some chores-- cut the grass, do some gardening. Read (or write!) Re-arrange/re-decorate your room or some other part of the house. Do some laundry, do the dishes. Read Cook/bake something wonderful for the family including the older loved ones above. Did I mention reading?

When did Beyonce start her career?

Beyonce started her career in 1989 when she started singing at just eight years old

What does it meaning if a bird wears a crown?

Some birds, such as a cockatiel, will raise the crests on top oftheir heads so that they resemble crowns. This indicates that thebirds are startled, excited, or alarmed.

Where can you turn your photos into pop art?

Photos can be turned to pop art at many places. These include pop art studios, online pop art studios, freelance pop art artists and also using free software tools. Among these, pop art studios are beneficial, when you want a professional job at the specified time.

Disadvantages of online entertainment?

Well, it depends on what you consider advantage or disadvantage but in my opinion there are a lot of both of them. Advantages: Education Entertainment How-to's Fast way to get information Disadvantages: Illegal activities and downloads Inappropriate content in ads, videos, movies, and websites Can cause addictions Lose social activity with others when you're on too much Some addictions can be hard to brake there is more for both but, i'm just summing it up.

You have some old Moms Mabley 33- about 50 or 60 years in excellent condition How much are they worth?

The value of old Moms Mabley 33 1/3 RPM records in excellentcondition will depend on who is buying them. A collector of thistype of record might pay $10 or more per album. The price ofvintage items usually depends on what a buyer is willing to pay.

Can an individual pursue a master of arts degree at Utah Valley State College?

AnswerUtah Valley State College (UVSC) offers both Associates and Bachelors degrees. At this point in time, they do not offer graduate level programs. of study.Viper1

Is Humphrey Bogart the brother of Ed Sullivan?

== Answer ==No, although the two men were coarse in facial features with rather short necks, they were not brothers. Humphrey Bogart had two sisters Frances and Kay. Ed Sullivan was actually very nervous in front of the TV camera (he seldom made eye contact) and was an extremely private person. He was married to the same woman until his death and they had one child. Being the private person he was there is little known about his younger years and all information starts with the showmanship he did so well.

How much is a record for the victor talking machine worth?

what about record 1905 1 sided record?How much is it worth? Like all collectables, the answer issubjective as far as to the individual record itself. The artist,the condition of the record, the number of copies of that record inexistance, etc., all come into play. Some might be worth a dollaror less, others might be worth hundreds. Victor's from 1910 to 1920in good shape (no skips etc) could easily average $25 or more.