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Why when I use EaglePicher Hillsdale Automotive contact info it says no longer in service?

From what I can tell they got out of the Automotive business in Hillsdale,MI except for their rubber operation. They closed the Tech Center and two mfg'g plants there. From what I can tell they reduced the size of their Automotive business segment. They were the largest supplier of torsional dampers in the world. I checked with my contacts and they said EP let most of their Automotive technical help go after they came out of chapter 11. Appears EaglePicher dissolved their damper operations in the Hillsdale, MI area and the corporation now and is a much smaller company.

What is conglamerate?

Well here is the definition By the way it's spelt wrong it is ment to be ConglomerateDefinition: 1. business organization involved in many areas: a large business organization that consists of a number of companies that deal with a variety of different business, manufacturing, or commercial activities 2. mix of things: a mass formed from gathering a number of dissimilar materials or parts 3. geology rock comprising pieces of other rocks: coarse-grained sedimentary rock containing fragments of other rock larger than 2 mm (0.08 in.) in diameter, held together with another material such as clay I hope you find this use full!

Can sublimation transfers be made directly to a black t-shirt?

No, it wont show. Imagine a black sheet of paper you want to print in your office printer. There is no white ink, so the printing won't show. If you want a black sublimated t-shirt, you have to go the cut and sew route. This means you have to cut the pieces of the shirt, print them with a plotter an a large format press, and sew them in to a shirt. There are workarounds. You can use white transfer paper, that leaves a heavy hand, or a sublimatable patch, with the same results. You could print an already made t-shirt in a large press, but voids will be left on the seams of the shirt. Also, there is a new product. Black polyester t-shirts that have a white blank space in the chest. The blank has the same feel of the rest of the shirt, and your final print leaves no hand, because is made directly in the poly fibers. The web site is

How can you improve a Job in a cruise ship?

It depends on the crew of the cruise ship whether they improve their job. but sometimes cruise passengers give some tips or they say that the cruise ship crew must improve.

Is there an evidence of the J curve in Nigeria?

A recent unpublished paper on this topic shows no traits of J curve in Nigeria. Both the short run and long run effect of depreciation of exchange rate show improvement in trade balance. The paper is under review and subsequent results will be sent as soon as possible. Bimbola Oyinlola

What is meant by a visual workplace?

A visual workplace uses signage and pictures to instruct workers onprocedure and safety. It also increases productivity, efficiency,cost, quality and reliability.

How long does a judgment stay on public record in North Carolina?

How long does a credit judgement stay on credit repot in North Carolina

At what age can a minor get a job and receive pay in Florida?

age at which minor can workThe age you can work as a minor in Florida is 14. If you are under 16 years old you can only work 3 hours if you have school the next day and you can work 8 hours if you have no school the next day. Try publix, target, fast food restuarants, fairs, flea markets, jamba juice and local parks if you are 14-15 years old.

If you are measuring the voltage of a three phase power system you take only two phase in account then why there is a need for third phase?

Answer Take all phases into account. Voltage is measured betweentwo phases of the three phases at one time, so what this means isthis...first you read voltage between line 1 and line 2...then youread voltage between line 2 and line 3...and then from line 1 toline 3. Each phase of a 3 phase system is 120 degrees from theother in a 360 degree pattern. It takes all 3 phases to start a 3phase motor but can run on two. If a 3 phase motor tries to starton two phases it is refered to as single phasing and can damage themotor. Another Answer First of all, let's get the terminology correct. The wires thatjoin a three-phase load to its supply are called ' LINEconductors' , not 'phase conductors'! This is veryimportant. Phases, which are normally inaccessible, are either thegenerator windings, the transformer windings, or the individualloads, connected to the line conductors -this can make measuringphase voltages very difficult unless you can access the interior ofthese machines/loads. The voltage of a three-phase system is normally defined in terms ofits line voltage , not its phase voltage, so onenormally measures its line voltage by connecting a voltmeterbetween any two line conductors or terminals. As the line voltagesare determined by the supply system, all line voltages should bethe same, regardless of which line conductors you choose to placethe voltmeter between. The important thing, however, and this is something your voltmeterwill NOT tell you, is that the three line voltages are out of phasewith each other -each lagging its predecessor by 120 electricaldegrees. And this is important, because it is the phasedisplacement between these voltages, not the magnitude of eachvoltage, that allows -for example- a three-phase motor toself-start.

How do you impress someone?

Be nice and funny. Also be respectful. Also use your talents, try not to embarrass yourself, though. Especially when it comes to girls. If you don't have talents, make one. Show what you're really good at.