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What is position of manarat international university in Bangladesh?

Manarat International University is the only best university in Bangladesh.

What is position of eastern university in Bangladesh?

It is located in Dhaka.

What is the position of north south universities in the world?

Hahaha nsu like a used tissue in world rankings

What is the position of south asia university in Bangladesh?

The position of south asia university in bangladesh at number 16

What is the best university for law in Bangladesh?

Uttara University is the best Law Schools in Bangladesh

How can you get an admission into the BKSP - Bangladesh Krira Shiksha Pratisthan - for cricket?

I'm 14yrs old reading in Class Eight .I shall appear J H C examination in this Year. Will I able to admit in BKSP for Cricket.I am wish to admission on football and tanis.

What are the Top ten public universities in Bangladesh and where CSE is the best?

American International University Bangladesh (AIUB)

What are the positive impact of Western culture?

Technology, the democratic tradition, new types of medicine that were introduced, economic innovations like banking, and condoms.

Which private university in Bangladesh is the best for Architecture?

Following Private Universities are Best for Architecture in Bangladesh. The University of Asia Pacific, Ahsanullah University of Science Technology, Brac University etc.

What is the ranking for Architecture in Bangladesh?

1. Bracu 2.nsu 3.buet 4.uap 5.aust. 6.aiub