Animal Life

Second fastest running animal?

Cheetahs are, without a doubt, the fastest creatures in the world.The only animal that comes in a close second to the Cheetah's amazing speed is its favorite prey, the gazelle. In order to catch up with a meal that's as swift as the wind, the cheetah had to develop the ability to run as fast, or faster than the gazelle, or face the alternative - starvation. Pretty strong motivation for practicing their wind sprints. These cats can run 70mph/112kph Not correct. The second fastest animal is the North American prong horned antelope (actually related to a goat). Not commonly known, but the Cheetah first evolved in North America, spread around the world, then died out in N. America. The prong horn had to become fast to survive.

How do you find where the urine is on the carpet?

It's smelly stuff and it would've been walked all round by now. Just clean the entire thing. If you have a cat don't put normal disinfectant down afterwards as it contains something they have in their own urine and they'll go there again. You can buy concentrated antiseptic/disinfectant that's highly perfumed that's ideal for putting down afterwards. Alternately some people wash the carpet with laundry powder/detergent (Soap powder) diluted in water, this is quite strong though so i'd do a patch test first and never just make a pste as it'll damage the carpet. x

By what name is a man called who steals birds and animals?

A true pet lover. There were times that we lacked so much growing up that the only way we could get pets as kids was to steal puppies and kittens. In fact, the original owners knew it was us and saw that we really loved the animals and let us keep them. Kids do all sorts of things while growing up. It's called being a kid and the pains involved in growing up.

What is the worlds deepest valley?

Do animals get headaches?

yes Yes. Animals can receive headaches from cerebral trauma, swimmer's ear, or from ear mites eating away at brain tissue. Not fun! they don't get headaches !

What is the most smartiest animal on the earth?

What do yellow winged darters eat?

They eat butterflies.

Should animals be killed for food?

It depends on if they are poisonous or not and if your starving.

What is the strongest animal?

The Strongest Animal The Hercules beetle is considered the strongest lifter. It is also known as rhinoceros beetle (latin name: dynastes ercules) This insect's avg mass is 20g yet it can lift 17 kg, that is 850 times its own mass!! Can you lift an SUV? What about Ants and Elephants? Well, Consider This... Because, all animals use similar molecules in their muscles, the muscles of all animals is (very roughly) the same strength in terms of force per cross sectional area. However, an animal twice as long typically has muscles roughly four times the cross sectional area (resulting in 4 times the force), but a body weight roughly eight times as much. Because of that power law scaling, the bigger an animal is, the more absolute force its muscles can produce, but the less of that force can be applied to the outside world -- more of that force is required just to move the muscle itself around. And so the animals that can lift the most weight relative to the total weight of the animal are generally the smallest animals -- ants, fleas, etc. But the animals that can move the biggest weights (absolute) strength are generally the largest single animals -- elephants, Clydesdale horses, etc. 1. Elephant 2. Polar bear 3. Rhinoceros 4. Hippopotamus 5. Grizzly bear 6. Hippo elephan the rhinoceros beetle

What sea animals eat seaweed?

Dugongs and Manatees it see weed