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Who is suresaveamericacom?

According to the WHOIS record - IN2NET NETWORK, INC.

What was the fear that prompted the McCarthy hearings?

How are the elements organised on the periodic table?

The elements proceed in order of increasing atomic number as you read left to right, line by line downwards. The lines (periods) are cut off at the point where a full valence shall is reached; the gaps in the upper/earlier periods is used to match the orbitals being filled in successive periods.

What is the difference between a symons cone crusher and a spring cone crusher?

A symons cone crusher is an upgrade from a spring cone crusher.

When was Marketa Rosak born?

Marketa Rosak was born on October 20, 1981, in Treplice, Czech Republic.

Who was the head basketball coach of the US team in 1995?

There was no team competing on a international level that year. Don Nelson coached in 1994 and Lenny Wilkens coached in 1996. Both coached a version of the legendary Dream Team.

What team won the world cup last year?

Italy won the world cup in 2006. The World Cup happens every four years.

How many people in the world weigh a ton?


What do one do when Ford Mondeo flashes overdrive in the dash board?

So first I do not have this vehicle. In general when you see overdrive light flash or stay on, it means overdrive has been turned on. In most vehicles the overdrive button is either on the gear shifter or on the stiring colum. If you dong want or need overdrive on then just press the button. If your light stays on, then it could be something different and not so simple.

What are some 2 letter words that start with Q?


What are some eight letter words with 2nd letter T and 4th letter P and 6th letter D and 7th letter I?

According to SOWPODS (the combination of Scrabble dictionaries used around the world) there are 1 words with the pattern -T-P-DI-. That is, eight letter words with 2nd letter T and 4th letter P and 6th letter D and 7th letter I. In alphabetical order, they are: stapedii

Pokemon flying where do you get all ledgendaries and on dppt?

I only know 3 on Pokemon Flying. Zapdos. In Flying City go to the Storage Room and go to the Top Floor and when you speak to the Lady and She start to love You when She gives you a kiss on the lips She will give you the TM 07 sweet kiss, TM 03 beautiful kiss and an I will never forget you ribbon and then the Delivery Man comes up stairs and puts down a box and tells you to open it in it is a HM 08 Thunder then go outside and use it and Zapdos will come down and battle it. Raikou. If you have the HM 08 Thunder use it on the tree by your house if their is one then Your Mum comes out and shouts at You when She goes Raikou runs to you then runs away to the wild by the use on the sign and he runs to you and battles you! Lugia. If you have Pokemon the 2nd movie and atleast watch it when Menady kisses Ash then go to your towns water and put some Splashey Honey on the water then Lugia comes.

Is seedot a good pokemon?

its a pretty decent pokemon...but when it evolves to its final stage ie:shiftry,its good!

Where can you watch lifetime movies?

You can watch lifetime... Well if you have comcast you can catch lifetime on channel 55. And if you want to watch Lifetime Movie Network you can watch it on 202.

Why apple is best for graphics?

Sure you don't mean "which Apple is best for graphics"? Not to sound like a PC fanboy, but Apple is extremely limited in their support of higher end or any graphics cards. Most of the cards that run on their machines are made to run on specifically those machines; with a PC, there are quite literally thousands of choices depending on the vintage of your computer. Put simply: Apple is not best for graphics, and if you are asking "which" is best: anything that's way too expensive for the average Joe to afford.

When did Mae jemisons parents die?

i cannot find a searching source that will answer this for me, someone please help!

What is the population for 2010 in Oklahoma?

The 2010 US Census recorded 3,751,351 residents.

How do you write a check for 730?

Seven hundred thirty and 00/100

What do you do on grand theft auto 4 if you saved but lost your data?

That's what happened to me as well., you on PS3?

How do you pronounce cleonix?


What is the past tense of recycles?